40 Low Carb Foods to Enjoy

Hello, HS Nation!  Shouldn’t your favorite HS items be added to this list?  We think so.

Anyway, here are items to add to your low carb shopping list.

Extra hungry?  Here’s an idea.  Add cooked chicken to your bountiful portion of HS product for a feat.  The extra chicken, combined with the fiber of whole black soybeans, will keep you full for the day.  Guaranteed.

40 Low Carb Foods for You

Homestyle Simple: 6X the Protein of a Medium Egg

Does your nutrition plan call for more protein?  Get 5X the protein of a medium egg by having just 1 HOMESTYLE SIMPLE Beef Chili item for lunch or dinner.  With this in your plan you’ll harness the offset of of hunger-busting fiber, too, which will keep you fuller, longer.

Homestyle Simple, Eggs, Protein

Did You Now? All HS Meals are Minimally Processed, Assuring You of USDA Wholesomeness

All HOMESTYLE SIMPLE meals are minimally processed, meaning that the ingredients are simple, and not fundamentally altered.

From the USDA:

“Minimal processing means that the product was processed in a manner that does not fundamentally alter the product. The label must include a statement explaining the meaning of the term natural (such as "no artificial ingredients; minimally processed")”

All HS product is USDA-inspected and passed for wholesomeness and purity. 

Low Carb Basics from the Diet Doctor

Here is an excellent primer from the Diet Doctor website on low carb choices.  Homestyle Simple Chili items can be your go-to meals when your nutrition plan calls for under 9 net carbs per serving.  Now available at Netrition.com and Amazon. 

Diet Doctor Low Carb Basics

Homestyle Simple Meals Deliver BIG Protein

Did you know that Homestyle Simple meals deliver OVER 27 grams of protein in every serving?  This is more protein than almost any other meal-type choice in your grocery store!  We can’t think of an offering with more?  Can you?

If you can find a meal from your local store with more protein, we’ll provide “Dinner for Four” featuring our HS meals for your efforts.  If you’re the first to inform us of a better protein meal option, you’re a winner.  Good luck.

Top Ten Real Food Protein Sources

Albacore Tuna leads the list of top protein sources from real food. See this list for a variety of high-quality real food protein options to fuel your workouts and performance. 

Walk the fine line on fats, as the grass-fed movement can sometimes yield “gamey”-tasting beef.  Consider trimming fat on grain-fed beef to maximize flavor, especially in moderation.   

Top Real Food Protein Sources

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Mix It Up with Veggie Stew featuring Whole Black Soybeans

We’ve talked about the many advantages of Whole Black Soybeans that are a big part of the deliciousness of HOMESTYLE SIMPLE meals.  Black soybeans are low net carbs while being high in protein and fiber. Rich in antioxidants and high in omega-3 fatty acid, this versatile “superfood” delivers the goodness and nutrition our bodies need.

When your time permits, here’s a vegetarian recipe featuring whole black soybeans to help mix-up your meal plan.  Check out this blog, too, at Farm on Plate, from a young couple from India.  Their story may inspire you!  All of this at the link below.   

Veggie Stew Featuring Whole Black Soybeans

Single-Serve Packaging Could Help People Eat Less

Intuitively, this makes sense.  Single-serve and portion control have been winning topics in the area of weight managment.  But now, there is research to back this claim up.  Here’s an article from Reuters, and from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, online February 21, 2014, that makes the connection.  As the article points out, it is a smaller study, and more research is needed.  But this is a great start, and the first we have seen this type of research done, in this area.

Article on Single Serve and Weght Management

Product Review! Thanks to Kyndra at Peace, Love and Low Carb blog!

We love it when people wax poetic about our Homestyle Simple meals.  Here, our new friend Kyndra does a terrific job of outlining the many benefits of these items, all in a fun and fact-based narrative that leaves us flattered!  Here are some of our favorite parts.

I opened the package, popped it in the microwave and 90 seconds later, my meal was ready to eat.  (you can also heat it stove top if you prefer) I topped it with some sharp cheddar cheese and dug right in.  I was surprised by how flavorful it was.  It had nice, big chunks of beef reminiscent of beef stew meat.  If someone served it to me, I would never know that it was a low carb chili.  As much as I love to cook and develop my own recipes, I love the idea of having a few boxes of this on hand for those moments when I want a nice warm comfort food but just don’t feel like cooking.  My husband took a box with him to work the next day for lunch.  Sure enough, right around noon time, I got this text “This chili is pretty darn good”.  Wife tested, husband approved!

Click Here for Full Review

We’re Thrilled to Announce NEW Canadian Distribution

We’re pleased announce that our Canadian friends can now find Homestyle Simple dual-language packaging at Low Carb Grocery Canada!  We’re also expanding distribution to a number of brick-and-mortar stores in Canada, as well.  Keep us here for the latest store openings and placements.

Buy with confidence from our friends at Low Carb Grocery.  Thanks.

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